Service support

Service concept

We will meticulously meet the reasonable requirements of customers from beginning to end, we are not only provide the high quality products and excellent service, but also use practical actions to advocate a kind of value to the customer, the choice is to choose our trust!

We have established perfect service center in the country, formed a perfect service network, so as to meet the needs of customers in different areas of the service requirements in the greatest extent.

We provide customers with wire and cable selection and related technology consulting services.

We will solve customer's problems and questions quickly, accurately and patiently.

We implement the tracking service for the user of products of our company, timely grasp and solve the problems of the user during the process of use.

We made a user feedback management system, the 800-820-6729 free service phone will understand and solve customer's problems in a timely manner.

We provide customers with high quality technical service, including the design drawings, according to the requirements of environmental design custom wire and cable solutions accordingly, and provide guidance cable installation and maintenance services.

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